Shipshape Design

3D CAD Modeling 

The Old Vicarage, realised for its designer Dr Richard De Butts

3 distinct poses of fox, designed to be 3D printed and then cast in bronze for Shanghai City-wide Art Explosion

Cambridge Underground AVTR Feasibility Study for Arup Consulting Engineers

Aesthetic & Internal Structure of Urban Fox, South Bank Centre, London

2D Schematic & 3D components, to aid Site Design for aesthetics and practicality, Pines and Needles Christmas Trees
  • to design efficient customer flow,
  • to quantify all required items per site,
  • to inform on how flatbeds and vans are loaded.

The Blimp (Aeromotozeppecopter) for Secret Garden Party - Aesthetic & Construction Phases

Simple Shoe Box, animated to display functionality. The same effect can display how items are assembled.

Rollercoaster Stage, for Giant's Foundry Ltd's proposal for Venice Beach Opera Set,
geo-located to show how it would look in location

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